Not every career can be born from a favor, for this I am lucky. The extent of my formal training is a borrowed camera and Photo 101 class in the twilight of university. Life brought me to Japan, and with it a new love of photography, documenting my experience abroad through an inherently natural medium. After relocating to Chicago in 2008, at a friend's request I was documenting my first wedding, and my future couldn't have been more clear. 

I spent years, and will continue to spend more, marrying a natural eye for moments and details with a trained attention on portraiture. I love taking portraits, it's something I'm refined at and is ultimately my strength. However, I get to steal moments and tell a story every wedding, and it's the most rewarding form of photography. Harmony in all three facets of my style, I believe you will in consistent and vivid imagery.

Your wedding is as personal a joyous night you will have in your life, and my service is as important as any photo I can take. I preach flexibility, professionalism, expertise and personality at every turn, I'm there for you. Every wedding is an honor to share in, the stories are always my favorite part, so I make sure you get to keep your own. Above all, I'm not above throwing your mink stole on and getting back to work...