The scene you create for your guests is one of the most thought out and personal elements of your entire planning process. From the conceptual design to the most crafted of details, every bit is a reflection of yourselves, and sets the the tone you envision for the evening. When I began with weddings, I also found myself in a niche photographing the design and decor of special events all throughout the city. After several years and over 150 milestones, my expertise in capturing the experience of a design space is truly unique. I've navigated all varieties of conditions and scales by some of the most progressive designers in the industry, becoming a better photographer for it. We have an amazing collection of designers and vendors in this city, and it has been a pleasure to photograph for them in so many of Chicago's eclectic range of venues. As you look through all of my work, vivid photography is the constant theme, and I feel that your decor should be treated no different.