On a personal note, I'm married to my High School Sweetheart, and our relationship is the foundation of my approach to a wedding day. At this point we have spent over half our lives together, which is a fun benchmark to achieve. We have two great kids, both navigating the elementary school life of Evanston, and we keep busy with club soccer and my efforts to turn them into Midwest ski junkies. My business has afforded us the opportunity to be with them on a daily basis since their beginnings, something we would never change.

Not every career can be born from a favor, for this I am lucky. The extent of my formal training is my Dad's camera and a Photo 101 class in the twilight of university. Life brought me to Japan, and with it a new love of photography, documenting our experiences abroad through an inherently natural medium. After relocating to Chicago in 2008, at a friend's request I was photographing my first wedding, and my future couldn't have been more clear. 

It has been an amazing journey to this point, working alongside so many talented professionals in landmark buildings and spaces across the country. I didn't see this coming as a kid, and that's just fine, it means I followed my instincts and talents to get here. 


"His experience shows and he creates a completely comfortable atmosphere on a very emotional day. I had guests mentioning Kent for months after the wedding!"

~ Hannah


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